Monday, December 14, 2009

The shadow of identity gather the soul

I’m sure many of you will or already have noticed connections to the movie “V for Vendetta” so far, and here I am drawing on an idea from a quote from the movie.

Evey Hammond: Who are you? V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask. Evey Hammond: Well I can see that. V: Of course you can. I'm not questioning your powers of observation I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is. Evey Hammond: Oh. Right.

Can anyone else see where this same situation can reflect all of us? Don’t we all use our own masks everyday to hide feelings, flaws and other things we don’t want anyone else to perceive about us? I know I am constantly masking myself to act in a way of self preservation which has slipped towards a way of self detesting. All of us get caught up asking the paradoxical question “Who are you?” in our conformist society, where different is an outsider, everyone has masks up to hide their true identity. Based upon our own convictions we automatically set up a charade, a masquerade, making the other person think highly of who we are not and from which a new born lie has begun to streak through your life. If all our masks were as visible as V’s would we all be able to live the individualistic lifestyle he leads, where he lets the events of his life determine who he is, not letting a burning internal desire to be what society considers “cool”. Is hiding our visible identity the key to living our true identity? Do they have to always blanket one out of sight? Can we not have both as the same time? There is a simple answer; yes we can show both identities concurrently. Yet a complication arises here. To be able to have your visible and true identities simultaneously showing we need to be totally free of conviction of others minds and realise that we need to, in the words of V himself, “place nothing above the verdict of my own mind”. Simple in theory, impossible in practice and the reason why our two identities can only reveal themselves in detachment from the other one so we cannot shame ourselves and henceforth crumble to the conformity of an already flaw ridden, doomed society.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

By the power of truth, i whilst living have conquered the universe

Truth, in essence, the whole being of man kind’s ability to remain civilized, and respectful with one another. Yet there is another level to truth; how strong one can remain truthful to themselves. To lie to someone is a, with time, forgivable offence, yet to lie to yourself is holding yourself back and ace be completely unforgivable. Hiding feelings from yourself seems to be the most damning of the all, hiding feelings can only bring about more pain then hiding aims to save you from. The worst emotion to hide from yourself is that of love. Any hidden emotion is about as useful as a knife in a gun fight, and what is the point in lying to yourself when you constantly know the performance you are putting on. To act in contradiction, against your own instinct and feelings is to act like someone not alive, what’s the point in living if your not going to do it properly? Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici; by the power of truth, I whilst living, have conquered the universe. In essence, truth can be more powerful than any army, person, or weapon. Truth holds the key to opening up the human soul and if you can open up your own soul then you are ready to conquer the universe, you can actually living up to a potential that you were gifted with at birth. Stop hiding from yourself; you always know where you are. Stop concealing yourself; the truth will always come out. Why not make it to your own advantage?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Langauge: the power to rise, and destroy a civilisation

Language a power within itself and the essence of what we all know. Yet, how much do we use, develop and require of language, as it is something that is seemingly without the power of an action to determine the action. Within the power of language lies a deeper source of mystery and complication. Al-Qaeda, possibly the most terrifying terrorist organisation of the world wouldn’t have being a fly on the wall if it wasn’t for their actions. They could talk the talk and not worry a person in the world but it was when they walked the walk that they started to strike fear into the hearts of citizens all around the world. With both language and action is what brings about an entirety and in a world such as ours, where computers, mobile phones and technological interaction seems to be the go by words seem to be losing their power, mystique and ability. Posts on websites such as Facebook, Myspace or chat rooms can just be sheer show and mean completely nothing. Now this is where the power of an action comes to the fore, for without an action in this world a word holds no meaning it is simply letters put together. Gone are the days where words held power, where governments controlled nations by power of language and propaganda, where a man’s speech brought about the essence of a movement or development in a countries history. Now all you see is governments seizing control not through the power and creativeness of their language but by the power of their actions, and in most cases actions of absolute chaos and inhumane actions. The governments are still the same, they still are power hungry, they still want more then anyone else in their country but a simple bit of propaganda or speech here or there would not suffice in this world, they need to strike fear into the hearts of their people to gain their lustful objectives. Yet with the brains of everyone turning to “mush” from all the technological deprivation of our brain capacity its not too hard to see the power of language returning to a future generation of zombie citizens who follow as a crowd and have lost all individualistic intentions and desires. Is it too outrageous to perceive that a Hitler-esque figure could arise among the conformity of a nation and give idealistic views and lead with massive speeches, use propaganda and relive the power of language which is all too well known for its negative ability? Yet among our zombie children there may also lay a Shakespeare type character who could recreate an entire scene of artistry and language ensuring the survival of the most defining aspect of man kind, what sets us apart from other mammals.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm hopelessly hopefull, your just hopeless

Hope, a word usually filled with many positive connotations. A word depicting a desire deep within ones heart, a desire for something greater then what they have already achieved. Also it is a word of major letdown, upset and heartbreak. One will always build up their hopes in different situations hoping always for the greatest outcome which is not always realistic, possible or going to occur. How does this leave you feeling? Building up inside than an event is going to occur, ignoring all parts of greater knowledge nagging in the back of your mind and setting yourself up for a trap of false security. This is the downside to hope, where considerable pain is caused, makes sleep and dry eyes and night a rarity, and, especially in a society such as ours, the increasing urge to punish, injure or harm oneself in constantly nagging at these insecurities. This dark world which has formed you will remember has come from a place where you were filled with a bright spark, filled with the desire for something you knew wouldn’t happen, yet you managed to allow yourself to believe this lie, why? You would think eventually one would learn not to continuously make this error of judgement and perception. There has to be a feasible reason for these events to continue on. There is no simple reason for every situation is different, but a lot can be put down to love, the single most mysterious emotion man kind has even known. The pure blinding nature of love which leads astray any man or women is inescapable, unpredictable, unbreakable and the world’s greatest gamble. It is this nature of love why people continuously fall to the traps of hope and find themselves wondering how this could happen. It is also this nature of love that explains why two weeks later you will fall for the same trap because no matter the pain; love overrides, no matter the fall; love is greater, and the reward, the total ecstasy of love is the reason why I, like many others will never give up hope and why we are prepared to risk falling to the traps of hope to gain hold of love.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blurring lines of Confusion

In the value driven idealistic society from which we dwell deep within the power of few words remain in the steadfast strength they have in centuries gone past. One of these final frontiers, remaining one of a kind grows in meaning as words fall around it to the consuming demonic consumption of technology and seeming lack of attitude and desire we all posses. Yet with all this defamation and apparent faults of the human race this word grows exponentially, baffling everyone, striking when least expected and becoming an overall nuisance for those who cannot grasp it. Yes the word is LOVE and the mystique and insurmountable power of it being the essence of how we may still be able live in a world language thrives. Poets, authors, philosophers and random writers such as myself have had an eternal fascination with the word and the endless connotations which attract the constant drive for knowledge, answers and meaning. Quote after quote, poem after poem, song after song, story after story; yet has anyone managed to grasp the eternal depth, mystique and double edged effect of love? The way people are drawn in and so possessed by a single emotion completely and utterly blows my mind. How, as I have seen, felt and lived, one can live completely risk free and take everything with a cautious approach to life can lose sight of it all in the ring of love. Yes, even the most reserved find themselves acting out of line and out of character. Here lies what I see as the greatest mystery of love, does it bring out the best or the worst of us? Has the meaning of love changed so much over the centuries that it now comes to involve lustful thoughts, actions and that it can bring out the worst in us? That a desire for something rides so high that we would do absolutely anything to gain, love or lust? Or has the line between love and lust become so blurred that they have become one. That you can take the glory, beauty and peacefulness of love and leave with the hunger, desperation and disrespect of lust yet not know that your feelings and emotions which swell deep within have become polar opposites of what the appeared to be as your original intentions. As this rant could continue on and on, I wish to leave a conclusion for you to think about, if love and lust have become one what does this mean for mankind? What have we done to the most beautiful emotion and feeling we could all undergo. Forget lust, just love.